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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Chrysler--Looking Shaky

Have you noticed the lack of positive news about Chrysler?   How Chrysler's sales numbers continue to slide year-over-year, even after Cash For Clunkers?  How Ford and GM are coming out with new product, and teasing the press with development mules running around in heavy camo, but there are no spy shots of Chrysler vehicles?

For 2010MY, the only "all new" (for what that's worth) product is the Dodge Ram HD.  That and some minor cosmetic tweaks and standard equipment package changes.  For a complete run-down, see AllPar (

For 2011MY, the new V6 Phoenix engine will be introduced.  A new Jeep Grand Cherokee, co-developed with Mercedes, will launch, as well as a refreshed 300.

In 2012, FIat may be able to introduce the first small Fiats, such as the 500 ("Cinquecento"). 

Meanwhile, Chrysler must figure out some way to keep selling their sub-par mid-size cars. 

Will Ram, Jeep, and minivans keep the company alive?  Or will Fiat take a Cerberus-like financial beating as Chrysler bleeds out money? 

I hope that Chrysler has some sort of secret project under wraps which will prove to the world that thay are alive, and can still design and engineer a lust-inducing world class car.  They need to remind consumers that they are still in the game, because to me, it looks like they are fading out.

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Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, Chrysler should have been left for a true Ch11. Maybe Peneske buys Jeep and then Saturn. Toyota buys Dodge (Ram trucks) and everything else fades away.
GM is quickly walking that path with the not for profit Volt, and stopping my favorite car the G8.
Ford could end up being the last of the big three still operating in 5+ years. By Peneske could be releasing great cars finally bringing a hungry US car designer/manufacturer into the fold.