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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Truth About TTAC

The Truth About Cars (TTAC) was started by Robert Farrago, an auto blogger whose calling cards were coprolalia and an obsession with predicting the death of GM.

So Farrago turned out to be sort of right about GM, they did go bankrupt, though it is still very alive and kicking.

However, not so much for Farrago's blogging career at TTAC. The media company that owned TTAC just about stopped paying its writers, and then sold the site to another media company. Money was still a problem, so Farrago left.

Score: Farrago 1, GM 2.

I'll give RF credit for riding the GM-dies horse so hard and long, because after all, he turned out to be right. But I've always been annoyed at TTAC's style. Farrago, if you remember, was the one who compared a Subaru front end design to a woman's genitals, and then was outraged that he wasn't going to be offered free press cars to drive anymore. TTAC under Farrago didn't necessarily do anything better than any other automotive news site, they just did it louder.


Dan said...

I entirely agree. Farago never in his life held a real job with real responsibilities to produce real products. He was unfamiliar with the concept of constraints, and completely underestimated the complex of constraints that made GM essentially ungovernable without undergoing bankruptcy reorganization.

Theodore Roosevelt's famous quote about the man in the arena spoke to Farago's low character as the obscenity-spewing critic rather than a constructive man of action.

TTAC was always annoying because their entire premise that they were smart and most car company managements were idiots was just a juvenile waste of time. Good riddance to TTAC, and Farago especially.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, the B9 Tribeca does bear a striking resemblance to a vagina.