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Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodbye, Carbonite

I have been using Carbonite as my backup service for 2 years now, but I will not be renewing.  

Carbonite has an infuriating feature.  To save storage space on their end, they automatically de-select video files from your backup sets.  Which means that to backup family videos, you have to manually go and select video files every so often. 

I have had enough of this.

My subscription will run out soon, and I will switch to a different service.  So far, Mozy and Backblaze look the most promising.  Both are unlimited, cheap, and seem to get good reviews.


ChiliPepr said...

MozyHome works pretty well for me – on both Mac and PC. Their 2nd level support is good.

Use the following link to get 20% more space on a free MozyHome 2 Gb account:

Anonymous said...

Try Egnyte over Mozy and Carbonite. It's a great solution.

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