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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mini-Review: WeatherTech Floor Mats

If you get any auto magazines, such as C&D or AW or MT, you have probably seen the multipage ads for WeatherTech floor mats, the ones that show the ankles and tow cleavage.  I decided to order a set of front "semi custom" mats for my car. 

While they are expensive, at about $60/pair delivered, they do fit quite well.  They have a built in hole to mount on the mat retainer hook.  They are made of a nice, heavy rubber with deep grooves and good grip.  They fit very well.  Overall, I would say they are worth the price.  And they are made in the U.S.A., a rare breed nowadays.

*This review was not requested by WeatherTech, and no compensation was given for it.


Dan D said...

I have had WeatherTech mats in several vehicles, they are high quality and very useful. My first set were made in England before they moved all production stateside. Later versions were USA made, one was from their OEM line for dealer additional sell for a new VW. I also gave a set to my best friend for his F-150, he swears by them.

They wear well, and really cope well with containing snow meltoff from shoes or boots during our lovely winter messes.

Like RainX, it's a product I insist on using in my car, and gladly pay for out of my own pocket.

Anonymous said...

Hi, $60 isn't expensive but it isn't cheap either, next time you order anything Weathertech, whether it be floor liners, cargo liners, window deflectors, etc... get them from theirs are about ten bucks cheaper and they're a certified weathertech distributer so you're getting the same exact product for less. I stumbled across them one day when I was deciding what brand of floor liner to get, and the one thing I noticed was out of all the sites I visited that sold weathertech products, this site's prices were about ten bucks less...I got my liner and it's definitely durable, good quality and a certified weathertech product. So in the future, keep that in mind... just FYI