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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nooooooooooooooooo! Volvo to kill V70 wagon.

I can't believe it.

One of Volvo's iconic products was the turbo wagon.  It was a way to drive an honest wagon, and look and feel good doing it.

Now, according to a leaked document at Jalopnik, Volvo is going to drop the V70 wagon in the U.S., to concentrate on the butched up XC70. 

The more sedate midsize wagons will still be produced for other markets, so there is always a chance that if fashion swings back to car-based wagons, Volvo will reconsider.  Maybe someone will make a business out of lowering XC70's and tearing off their body cladding?


Dan D said...

I have to admit it is depressing, but hardly surprising. In recent years the V70 has been drastically outsold by the XC70. In general, during the age of the crossover and the SUV, wagons have not sold well. XC90 has been the most successful Volvo model by far.

I had a friend who was intrigued by V70, but his wife wanted XC70 instead for the AWD security. He drove the XC70 with this verdict: it steers like a truck, and drinks like a truck, so I might as well buy a truck instead. So now the wife is driving a 4Runner.

Anonymous said...

Just wait... the Chinese will now make it...