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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Troy Chrysler Dealership Tricks

At the Troy motor mall, there used to be a Chrysler dealership, Birmingham Chrysler Jeep ("Birmingham's In Troy!"). They lost their franchise during the Chrysler quick-rinse bankruptcy. Now, something strange has happened. The former Saturn store in the same area has apparently picked up a Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge franchise.

This was formerly Suburban Saturn

I don't get it. Chrysler had an established and apparently successful dealership right on Maple road. Why would they force them closed, and then open up a new one around the corner?

Birmingham Chrysler Jeep is now Troy Autoworld, and is trying to scrape by on used car sales and service. They also are selling Wheego neighborhood electric vehicles, which look like an electrified Smart.

1 comment:

DAve said...

Because the old dealer donated to Republican candidates and the new one donated to Obama.
Doesn't everyone know this yet?