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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cheap Gas, Low Demand For Hybrids, B-Cars

According to Ward's Auto, sales of fuel efficient vehicles (cars with 30mpg+) are falling, as customers move back to their mid-size cars and crossovers.  Toyota's Prius is selling well, but the hybrid Camry and Honda Civic Hybrid are declining.  Small gasoline cars such as the Yaris (down 38%), Honda Fit (down 20%), and Smart ForTwo (down 63%) are not doing well.

Unless Obama can find a way to ramp up the price of gasoline soon, the near term sales of the many new B-cars are not going to be pretty, and fleet fuel economy improvements are going to be small.

Let's face it, Americans don't want little cars.  They want cheap gas and large cars.  I can't wait for the public reaction when the 36mpg CAFE regulations force people to look at B-cars, or pay a premium for larger vehicles.  



Pawl Bearing said...

"Americans don't want little cars. They want cheap gas and large cars"

Bang On. We want our cars to match our butt size.

Anonymous said...

Reaction? Vote out the fools who would pass it.
Hopefully by the time conservative (not RINOs) take power most of this big brother crud will be wiped away.

In 2-4 years, the EPA might be gone or convert into a Congressional program that only can advise and not pass laws. It would be so nice to have the power back in the hands of those who are elected and nameless faces who don't report to the people.

Anonymous said...

Good article on wind powered electric grid -- Obama's left-adoring fans and their Skittle-farting unicorns just can't get nirvana out of their heads.

Jason Lancaster said...

Americans want small cars...they just want OTHER people to have them. "The Smart Car is awesome, but it just didn't make sense for me because of my dog and my two kids...which is why I got an Expedition."

America, land of the free and home of the hypocrites! :-)