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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I heard on the morning news that GM is instructing its employees to always refer to Chevrolet as Chevrolet, not as Chevy.  They apparently want to portray a grown-up, mature brand.

Good luck with that.

Chevy is ingrained in the culture.  They'll have to retrain thousands of NASCAR fans.  

They'll have to get songs re-written: "Drove my Chevrolet to the levr-o-let but the levr-o-let was dry"

It's good for Dodge (Ram) and Ford, through--they only have one syllable.  Easier to say.


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Anonymous said...

We'uns "old guys" remember that the Chevy/levy rhyme was actually made in Dinah Shore's commercial song back in the mid '50s:

On a highway, or a road along the levy
Performance is sweeter, nothing can beat her
Life is completer in a Chevy