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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SOLVED! Autoprophet Geocache Challege 2010!!!

Congratulations to Charles and his brother, who found both prizes this afternoon, Dec. 20th.
My family has been big into geocaching for years, so after seeing your blog entry, my brother and I swung by birmingham this afternoon. Perfect timing, as my car needs a new battery, pads and rotors, and a few other regular maintenance type odds and ends. Thanks Auto Prophet and Pep Boys!

-Charles (Auto aficionado and NRA Life Member)


Thanks to Pep Boys, who donated some gift cards, I am very happy to kick off this year's Autoprophet Geocache Challenge!

I have hidden two groups of Pep Boys gift cards in a much-loved part of Birmingham. Prize
#1 is 3 $50 gift cards, for a total of $150. Prize #2 is 2 $50 gift cards, for $100. The gift cards are hidden in gaily spray painted clear plastic soup containers. If you find both prizes, you win yourself a total of $250 to spend at Pep Boys, right before Christmas. What can you get at Pep Boys for $250? Besides tires, parts, oil, etc.?

*Disclosure: Pep Boys donated gift cards for this contest, the blogger did not receive any compensation.

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