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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bumper Compatibility: Not There Yet

IIHS, the organization that is funded by the auto insurance industry, issued a report about continuing poor comparability between small SUV and car bumpers.  You can read it here.

The bottom line is, automakers have not yet redesigned their small SUVs to have bumper heights that are compatible with their cars.  The result is expensive low speed collisions between small SUVs and cars, which necessarily drive up insurance costs to the consumer.


OmarF said...

I have real life proof of that. My small car (Acura EL) hit the rear of an SUV to the tune of 6,500CA damage to the car. I think this was at less than 5mph at the point of collision. The headlights still worked and I was able to make the hood open and close with a little bit of bending, but the car got written off because of structural damage and three damaged body panels. I went under the bumper and just slightly scarred the SUV.

Anonymous said...

'rong car rite time...