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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Automakers Sue EPA over E15

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the trade group that represents most of the OEMs operating in the U.S., has joined the lawsuit originally filed by other organisations to try to block the E15 waiver that the EPA is granting for newer vehicles.  Detroit News story here.


The E15 waiver is a half-baked idea.  It should only be issued when it is determined that the vast majority (say, 95%) of cars on the road today can safely operate with E15.  Otherwise, consumer confusion will ensue, and the result will be that no gas station will want to carry the stuff.  If the data isn't there yet then the EPA should wait until the data is in.

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Anonymous said...

You hit the nail in the head. Many consumers are clueless, and more choices won't help. If the goal is to use more ethanol, they should get E85 distribution improved. Many areas outside the midwest don't even sell it. This would seem to be more effective policy. E85 cars generally have more designations for customer awareness, as well as being flexible in regards to ethanol content (from 0 to 85% will work).