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Monday, November 07, 2011

The End of Saab (Again)?

This might be the be the end for Saab.  GM is stating that it does not support the sale of Saab to two Chinese auto companies.  Without financing, Saab is likely to be liquidated by the Swedish courts, a process that was suspended when Saab made a deal to sell itself.  

I have friends who own Saabs, and I wonder what will happen to them as far as vehicle service and replacement parts go.  Perhaps someone will step up and buy the parts inventory, if there is money to be made in service.  Some Saab models are really re-badged GM or Subaru vehicles, so those likely can be serviced at those dealerships.  

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember the MG line of automotive carp? If it smells it could be dead fish. Some will continue to own them/service them. Many suppliers will sell inventory and mayhaps produce new.

I still have a Datsun/Nissan LZ24 hybrid engine with no truck to contain it...