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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

EVs Are Expensive!

Ford today announced the pricing for the electric Focus, $40,000.  Facebook and blogs are howling at the price.

Truth is, the price is not unfair.  Li-Ion batteries are running around $600/kWh these days.  If the Focus matches the Leaf's 24kWh battery, then it is carrying about $14,000 in batteries.  A nicely equipped Focus goes for around $23,000, which gets us to $37,000.  

I suspect that Nissan is losing money on the Leaf, and calling it a marketing expense.  At a price of $32,000, the Leaf only allows for a base vehicle price of $18,000.


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FoxDesign said...


Scion TC Raceland Coilovers said...

Very expensive, indeed!

UX-admin said...

...Or you could just get a clean diesel, and not pay $14,000 worth of batteries penalty, and not sacrifice the torque, horsepower, or space.

Your choice.