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Thursday, November 10, 2011

EVs Should Be Loud

Today, while crossing a busy grocery store parking lot, I was really startled by a silent Prius driving accross my path.  Since I didn't hear a noise, I didn't expect to see it moving near me.

I'm coming down on the side of noise pollution here.  EVs (BEVs or HEVs in electric mode) should make some sort of noise, loud enough for a pedestrian to hear within about 15 feet or so.  Silent cars are not as safe.


Pawl Bearing said...

And we could all download apps for our EVs so that today I drive a harley and tomorrow my volt can growl like an Aston Martin.
In deer season we could have deer whisles and on saturday night we can emit cat calls.
I like it.

WanderingSol said...

Maybe you need to be more aware, it could have been one of the most deadly silent vehicles, a bicycle!

Austinibus said...

They should add that feature. It's bound to cause many accidents. Our visual plain doesn't cover that much area, we need to be able to hear something for safety purposes.

Anonymous said...

i agree on this. more than once i'm walking down the street and an electric vehicle zooms by like a silent killer looking for a victim.

maybe we're just used to hearing something from our car engines

good thing my car is pretty loud on it's own

Anonymous said...

Most people do not realize that a parking lot really is a PARKING LOT, not a driving lot. The drivers are the ones that need to be Aware, because they are the ones in control of the Kinetic Energy...