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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Old People Cars

According to the Detroit News, this is the list of most popular vehicles for senior citizens.  I have added additional information: which models are discontinued.

1. Lincoln Town Car, 90%

2. Buick Lucerne, 87%

3. Cadillac DTS, 85%

4. Cadillac CTS, 74%

5. Cadillac STS, 71%

6. Hyundai Azera, 25%

7. Chevrolet Impala, 51%

8. Buick LaCrosse, 59%

9. Lincoln MKZ, 54%

10. Toyota Avalon, 54%

The interesting question to me is, what will the old folks buy now that the softly spring boats have mostly gone extinct?


poval said...

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Pawl Bearing said...

I have a feeling that that pick-up trucks will start appearing on these geriatric vehicle lists. Trucks have become fancier and easier to drive and with the hefty price tags may still communicate "I lived a successful life." This generation is less likely to worry about peak-oil and man made global warming and is not effected by the stigma of driving a pick up truck.

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Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

I am glad my Subaru Legacy 2.5I isn't on there....

jaypea_us said...

I think as long as the branding in Lincoln or Cadillac, the seniors will keep buying.
I am impressed with the new Lincoln sedan, the MKS. It looks like a great driver's car.
I am approaching "senior status" and will seriously look at one of Ford's premium offerings, along with the Chrysler 300.
Thanks for the list.

George said...

Oh yes, my grandpa owns a Chevy Impala for like hundred years now. He's in love with that car.