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Monday, April 18, 2005

Honda: If You Hose Out your Element, You're Hosed

From the CarTalk column of Tom and Ray Magliozzi: Honda refuses to pay for repairs when an Element owner uses water to clean up a spill, and shorts out some electronics. So much for the popular belief that with its rubber floor covering, you can just hose off the Element. Read the article here.


J G Halmayr said...

My sister has an element, better forward thsi to her because the dealer used "hosing it out: as a selling point!

The Angry Engineer said...

Want to hose out a vehicle? Buy a Jeep Wrangler - they even put drain plugs in the floor.

Even though it makes sense from a physics standpoint, putting the SRS module on the floor is kinda dumb. GM's had problems with fluid intrusion on their J-car platform that results in some sketchy airbag deployment issues. Keep the electronics up off the floor!