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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pet Safe Coolant

In Tom and Ray Magliozzi's latest Car Talk article, a veterinarian asks about pet-safe coolant (propylene glycol vs ethylene glycol). The less toxic coolant is more expensive, and is not a long-life product like the poisonous mixes that are most common. Tom and Ray point out that Califrornia and Oregon require coolant to be spiked with a chemical which will make it taste nasty, so that dogs and kids won't drink it.

This is a smart solution. For once, I agree with California's government.

But, no dogs, cats, or kids would be able to drink any type coolant if the stuff was stored properly, unless their car is leaking. People need to keep all of their chemicals sealed and out of reach, or they invite tragedy. And get the leaks fixed.

1 comment:

The Angry Engineer said...

Agreed - seems like it'd be relatively straightforward to make coolant taste bad enough to deter pets from drinking it. Other than the toxicity to pets and children, it's fairly benign stuff with regards to environmental impact.