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Monday, August 29, 2005

Dumbest Mod Ever

I usually save my bile for the huge wings that some TuNeRz put on the back of cars like the Kia Rio. As if the glued on contraption is going to give them downforce at the 45MPH they drive in the suburbs.

But this toy, the Turbo SoundFX, dear reader, takes the effing cake. Why pay $3,500 for a real turbo, when you can stuff this whistle up the tail of your exhaust system, and make your car sound like you have one?

I wonder how many HP you are giving up due to the increased restriction in the exhaust?


Dave said...

That is really dumb. but compared to all the "Si" labeled nissans, toyotas et al I see could be worse.

Ray said...

I like it! Of course I'm a guy who used to take the air cleaner off his 53 Chevy Bel Air straight 6 so it would sound boss while cruising through the drive in's.

sh said...

A negative critique from one who actually purchased a "PermaCap" - I'm stunned. ;)
At least the TuNeRz are a step up from the deer whistle. Guaranteed to shoo deer off the road, they were. In West Texas we called them deer magnets.

Old enough to remember the Hollywood Wolf Whistle?

The Auto Prophet said...

The PermaCap is a great idea--if it will work reliably!