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Monday, August 08, 2005

Solstice Spotting

I went out for a walk in my neighborhood, and I spy a brand new Pontiac Solstice nestled in next to the neighbor's Chevy Malibu. It was most likely a GM exec car, as it did not have a manufacturer plate (??M ???) or a dealer plate.

The car is gorgeous.

Will it save GM? No, not on its own. But if GM keeps building cars with this much sex appeal, GM will save itself.


adamstyle said...

I saw one of these on a major interstate just north of Columbus, Ohio. I think they might finally be hitting the road. Nice shots of it.

Anonymous said...

I saw one in Austin Texas a few days ago.

Ben said...

Nice! Is it MX-5 sized?

C.J. said...

If...and that's a big IF...the General doesn't completely piss away this opportunity. Delay after delay after delay. A friend of mine at a Pontiac dealership here in San Antonio turns several shades of purple and chips a tooth gritting his teeth every time somebody mentions Solstice. Kinda like he used to a couple of years ago at the mention of Oldsmobile. Remember them? The company that "owned" the 80's with the Cutlass and were sacrificed at the temple of Chevrolet.
I hope Pontiac is successful...but not TOO successful!

The Auto Prophet said...

Re: Ben

My impression was that the car was a little larger than an MX-5, but most of that was probably height as opposed to length and width. reporst the Solstice as slightly larger in width and height.

Exterior length 157.2"
Exterior body width 71.3"
Exterior height 50.1"

Exterior length 157.3"
Exterior body width 67.7"
Exterior height 49.0"

Steve said...

I'm sorry, I think its sinfully ugly. Of course I hate the PT Cruiser and HHR or whatever that monstrosity that Chevy sells is called...

the garage guy said...

i've seen 2 now in whitby, ontario. i think gm has scored a visual home run with this one. now let's hope it's a quality piece!

neko said...

have a invoice dated 04/04/05 with deposite down, waiting waiting. would like to know why first 1000 are being delivered b-4-mine as they were ordered 10 days after.
canada sucking to big one once more
the u.s.a. marketing program comes b-4-all others?

GMTMan said...

It's a GM-owned vehicle, not a privately-owned Solstice.

The way to tell isn't always an M-plate. Look in the driver's side lower corner of the window.

There's a rectangular tag there; usually it reads GM NAO. If it's in Red, it's a company vehicle. If it's in blue, it's an early build (limited access) or prototype (this usually is on GM prototypes with M-plates).

If there's a blue circular tag in addition, it's a Captured Test Fleet car. CTF is where GM releases a given number of it's new vehicles into the company vehicle pools, and are driven by employees as their regular vehicles. This helps give some additional real-world insurance before launch, and is always done with new product.

I can't see the CTF tag in the pictures posted, but most of the Solstices around SE Michigan are wearing them. I'll hazard a guess this one did too.

Great blog, btw. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...
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