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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Photos from the Ford NASCAR Event

Here are the free photos that I was sent from my visit to the Ford Racing Tech Tour, aka Fusion test drive and NASCAR jubilee. See my previous post, "Flogged a Fusion".

Sorry for the photoshop job, but I have my image to maintain! :-)

Standing by the Focus rally car

A view of the Fusion NASCAR car


Big Ford Fan said...

Who is that masked man? :)

Thanks for sharing the photos, can you tell me if Ford has a website for that event? I wonder if it travels to the north east?

I've been to GM AutoShowinMotion and Mazda RevItUp and would love to attend a Ford event.

Keep up the great work.

GMTMan said...

I think I saw you at the Experience Drive. There weren't a whole lot of people interested in WRC Focuses, sadly....

BTW - did you notice that it was a dummy car of some sort? The hood scoops were painted on, and all LED graphs/displays inside were decals.