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Monday, August 15, 2005

New MPH Magasine Web Site

The car magazine MPH (web edition edited by ex Autoblog writer David Thomas, and new employer of C&D's Daniel Pund) has re-launched its web site, and apparently is trying to become a more serious source for auto news and opinion.

It would help if they would lay off the T&A displays, for those of us who may be surfing from work now and then. Nothing like having your boss walk by your desk and see a barely dressed girl flashing on your monitor.

MPH will be hosting a blog, in addition to the more traditional car mag features, such as car reviews and spy shots.


rzklkng said...

Hmmm...they have an unpublished RSS feed...No feed, no care.

Dave said...

we're working on it!!!!we literally just need to get the button designed and posted.

Anonymous said...

waste of a magazine.