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Monday, September 26, 2005

Jeremy Clarkson (Heh!)

I realize that I am late to the game, but thanks to MyFordDreams, I have discovered that Jeremy Clarkson (of the BBC's Top Gear auto show) is published on the web here.

If you want a good laugh, take some time and read his reviews. He has a great sense of humor, but be warned he is tough on American cars. For example, here is what he wrote about the interior of the Jeep Grand Cherokee:
So it’s uncomfortable, cramped and feels like it’s made entirely from melted Lego. And it costs more than £30,000. Admittedly, you get lots of standard equipment for that, including a heater that works like American foreign policy, blowing either very hot or very cold but incapable of getting the temperature just right. You also get three headrests for your deformed rear passengers, the middle one of which obliterates all traffic in the rear-view mirror.
Melted Lego! Heh.


Big Ford Fan said...

You did a better job than I did, I hadn't bothered to check for more reviews. Thanks for posting that link.

I'm a fan of TopGear and of Jeremy Clarkson to some degree. Now after reading his reviews of the Focus and Mondeo, I've had a good laugh.

Did you find the link to Urban 75 and slap mr Clarkson?

ukexpat said...

Clarkson is, quite simply, one of the best auto journalists around. He says it like he sees it, has no time for political correctness, environmentalists or the Blair government. Refreshing.

BTW did you hear the story of Clarkson and his Ford GT? He bought one of the 80 or so sold into the UK. After a couple of weeks he sent it back to Ford and got his money back because of problems with it that they could not fix. Now, you would expect that kind of crappy customer service towards Mr Average, but towards Clarkson with his readership? Lunacy...

Anonymous said...

Ford UK has very clear how influential TopGear and JC are in the UK, I think that they were just plain incompetent. Anyway, it's interesting to note that nothing of the Ford dilemma was told on TopGear, just his column in the Times.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, it's interesting to note that nothing of the Ford dilemma was told on TopGear, just his column in the Times.

Not true. He talked about the alarm problems and the SMS messages quite a few times. The programme was off-air when he asked for the refund, but I'm guessing he'll mention it tonight, on the first show in the new series.