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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wanted: In-Car Bluetooth MP3 Interfaces

I would like to see automakers and their electronics suppliers join with the MP3 makers and the Bluetooth consortium to develop a standardized automotive interface for personal MP3 players.

I want to be able to get into my car, power up my MP3 player, and have it look like a CD changer to my radio, without needing wires or expensive adapters. I want the MP3 player to stream music to my radio digitally, so that sound quality is preserved, without the static that comes with an FM modulator. The MP3 ID tags should be displayed on the radio as if I was playing an MP3 disc, and I should be able to navigate by folders, songs, artists, etc. Playlists should be supported.

I think that people would be willing to pay little extra for that kind of convenience--I know that I would.

(Steve Jobs is missing the point, when he says people wouldn't want a bluetooth enabled iPod. It wouldn't be for wireless headphones, it would be for streaming your music!)


Swade said...


The first one that can do this (and agree on a standard file structure fo playlists etc) will get some major street cred and kudos.

The Angry Engineer said...

Totally agreed - I'd love such an interface.

Bonus points for something that's still usable in 10 years, since that's the average age of the vehicles in my driveway.

sh said...

With issues such as "bluesnarfing" and Bluetooth jamming becoming more and more problemic, how about just a front panel plug-in jack for your mp3 player?

Mike said...

I wouldnt be worried about my mo3 player being hacked into... I would be one of the first in line to buy a system like this. I'd even be interested in an aftermarket deck with this capability.

Great Idea!