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Monday, September 05, 2005

New NRA President [Politics]

The new president of the NRA (my favorite political organization), Sandra Froman, is a woman. A Jewish woman.



Anonymous said...

Why is the NRA your favorite political organization?

The Angry Engineer said...

I could care less what gender or religion this person belongs to, as long as they are focused on defending my rights. From everything I've read, Sandra Froman is doing an excellent job so far, and is an outstanding spokeperson for the organization and gunowners everywhere.

That being said, I'm still generally happier with the GOA. They don't have the pull in Washington, but I think they're more focused on individual rights than in being a lobbying group for the industry (the latter of which is a necessary job, so don't take that the wrong way). They also don't fill my mailbox with as much crap.

Anonymous said...

What's with the silly hyping of this lady's religion? I don't understand the point.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most Jews in the U.S. are quite liberal, devoted to the Democrat party, and against gun rights.

It was an interesting move by the NRA to choose Mrs. Fromin, because she is a rare combination.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate for whom?

Anonymous said...

I get tired of the NRA calling for my husband and hanging up on me the minute they here the voice of a woman since the president is a woman i think she would not approve and we stand behind guns and our husbands choice to keep them