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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dell DJ Ditty Mini-Review

I got a great deal on a Dell DJ Ditty flash mp3 player. I figured I could use it as a flash USB drive, and once in a while for the FM radio and MP3 player. After a few hours of fiddling with it, here are my impressions:
  • The Good:
    • Sound quality is good
    • Battery life in MP3 or FM mode is good
    • Design is sharp
    • Can be used as a USB hard drive
    • Can be had for cheap on eBay, or as a Dell give-away
  • The Bad:
    • No playlist support
    • Displays ID3 tags, but CAN NOT NAVIGATE BY ALBUM OR ARTIST. This is a MAJOR flaw.
    • Small display
  • The Verdict:
    • Use this as a flash drive with MP3, FM capabilities. Or use it like an Apple iPod Shuffle, with no regard to music navigation. Don't use it as your front line MP3 player, you will be disappointed.
Note to Dell: You had better issue some firmware that lets users skip albums/artists, or you are not going to get anywhere in this market.

UPDATE: I used Dell's support chat to try to find out about skipping albums/artists. I apparently was chatting with a fellow in India. Frustrating, but funny.

0:34:18 AMSystem Welcome (real name removed) ...
0:34:18 AMSystem Connecting to server. Please wait...
0:34:18 AMSystem Thank you for using Dell Chat, a representative will be with you soon.
0:34:18 AMSystem Initial Question/Comment: Can I skip tracks on my Ditty by artist/album?
0:57:24 AMSystem You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
0:57:24 AMSystem Connected with Rahul
0:57:28 AMRahul Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Support. My name is Rahul and my rep ID number is (removed). May I have your telephone number, along with the area code?
0:58:12 AMYou (removed)
1:00:20 AMRahul Thank you for the information.
1:02:12 AMRahul Yes, there is a Rewind/Skip Back Button on your dj.
1:03:00 AMRahul On the right side of your dj, do you see the Lanyard Attachment ?
1:03:03 AMYou I can only seem to use it to skip one song at a time... is it possible to skip to the next album or next artist?
1:05:15 AMRahul yes,
1:05:30 AMRahul Please refer to the steps below:
1:05:41 AMRahul On the right side of your dj:
1:05:50 AMRahul 1. USB Connector - Connects your Dell DJ Ditty to a computer to transfer data files or tracks, and charges the battery.
2. Lanyard Attachment - Connects Lanyard
3. Rewind/Skip Back Button - Moves to start of current track or goes to previous track. Holding down the button rewind within a track.
4. Play/Pause Button - Starts or pauses a track.
5. Fast Forward/Skip Forward Button - Moves to the end of the current track or goes to next rack. Holding down the button moves forward within a track.
6. Volume/Scroll/Select Dial - Increases or decreases volume. Scroll to an item in the menu list. Press in to select menu item. Pressing and Holding the button in will lock or unlock the player.
1:07:10 AMRahul I apologize what i mean to say that these are the only features available on the dj.
1:07:13 AMYou This is a common capability of most MP3 players. I can't figure out how to make the DJ Ditty do it.
1:07:26 AMYou I see.
1:08:02 AMYou Rahul, would it be possible to put in an offiical request to the firmware group in charge of the Ditty to add this capability: skip album, skip artist?
1:08:52 AMYou You see, the lack of this simple feature renders the Ditty UNCOMPETITIVE with most other MP3 playes, except of course for the execrable Apple iPod Nano, which is JUNK.
1:09:53 AMRahul At this point, what i assure you that i will surely pass on your valuable concerns of the issue to our engineering team.
1:10:03 AMRahul I apologize for the inconvenience this matter may have caused to you. We value you as our customer and your satisfaction is
1:10:03 AMRahul very important for us.
1:10:53 AMRahu I can really understand the situation that you are facing with this issue. Had I been in your place, I would have been feeling the same as you are feeling.
1:12:49 AMRahul Sir, Is there anything else I can assist you with apart from the current issue that you are facing?
1:14:52 AMYou No, I have communicated what I wanted to. Thanks.
1:15:07 AMSystem The session has ended!

Update: I did write "iPod Nano" but I meant to slam the iPod Shuffle, which is similar to the DJ Ditty but has no display or FM radio. The Nano is nice, but expensive, and also has no FM radio.


Anonymous said...

I was just curious as to why you don't like the iPod nano as well.



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Paul said...

1) I second the question about the iPod Nano also. I prefer the Apple MP3 players, and the market agrees with me (for what that's worth)

2) Apparently deanberry was set off by the NRA seal on your webpage. This spam has appeared on several other sites as well. Although he is basically correct about the role of the second amendment as a trump on governmental power, his chosen style of insulting and ridiculing the reader leaves much to be desired. Additionally, the Brady Bill did not apply to "assault weapons", that was the Assault weapon ban, which expired in 2004.

The Auto Prophet said...

My main problem with Apple's MP3 players is that they are expensive compared to the better competitors.

I don't like the iPod Shuffle because it has no display at all, and no FM radio. For the same money, you can get a unit that has both, as well as other features such as voice or FM recording.

The Auto Prophet said...

I meant Shuffle, not Nano... doh.

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Rael said...

See? Even the high and mighty(?) cant win 'em all.
Please drop by value for money MP3 reviews here.

Anonymous said...

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