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Thursday, April 06, 2006


MPH magazine is no more. Which is too bad, because fresh competition keeps the established rags (Crap & Drivel, Motor Bland, Road & Hack) from getting too complacent. I was never a fan of MPH's T&A habit, but I did like their light, witty style.

Just for fun, I went to their web page (a zombie, it seems) and filled out the free trial subscription form. I wonder if anything wil happen?

I hope that Dave Thomas and crew keep some sort of web magazine alive--as good as they are, Autoblog and Jalopnik can use some good solid competition.


carscomblogger said...

thanks AP for the kind words. It's sad to see how many fans we had out there that are now back to having to read those other dry mags.

I'll be guest editing for Jalopnik while Spinelli is on vacation but that's not full time. I'm still evaluating all my options. And for now I'm blogging about football!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Mag, really sorry to se it go, One of the Best, Thanks!!!