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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Top Gear: Ariel Atom

"It's so quick, it can destroy your face!"


Tracey Postill said...

That is a cool clip. I saw one last night where Jeremy Clarkson almost destroyed his head, driving what I think was the Holden (Vauxhall) Monaro. Clobbered him good and proper with the carbon fibre interior when he fishtailed.

carpundit said...

Who is the complete moron driving that thing around the track at 120 with loose belts and no helmet?

Mark Vicuna said...
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Mark Vicuna said...

I've had the pleasure of driving one of these at Oran Park Raceway last year. It wasn't the supercharged spec engine, but it was ok.

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John B said...

I don't know why Clarkson ever thought a motorcycle could challenge such a car on a track - the cornering ability of two wheels just insn't there. That said, the bike should have been more than 600 cc.

I wonder if it comes with a heater for winters?