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Friday, April 28, 2006

Return of the Double Nickel?

New Jersey Gov. Corzine is considering re-instituting the 55mph speed limit in New Jersey to reduce fuel consumption.

I think it would work, but people would hate it.

This is another sign that the price of gasoline is not as big an issue as the media and politicians are making it out to be. Everyone knows that driving fast eats more fuel (exponentially). Here in Michigan, however, driving any slower than 75mph on the freeway is considered quite rude.

When people start driving 60mph in 65mph zones, that is when you know that the price of fuel is really hurting them.


Anonymous said...

The 55 mph speed limit is a not too distant memory in NJ. I think it was only '98 or '99 when some highway speed limits in NJ were raised to 65. I never noticed an appreciable difference in the speeds people drove since then. The only difference I noticed was that speeding fines were doubled in 65 mph zones!

Shawn said...

There is one way to drive in NJ: Talking on the cell, switching lanes constantly, use the left lane to cruise, cut off other cars, flipping the finger and cursing with that thick Jersey accent... LOL Changing the speed limit won't change a thing at all.

Anonymous said...

Both my wife and I (we carpool in our Prius) have noticed that traffic has actually slowed down up here in Traverse City, on our commute from the Interlochen area.

We were shocked. I guess when you combine the lowest wages in the state, the highest rentals and house prices and $2.90 per gallon gas as well as people's bad choices in buying 6000 pound SUVs to commute 20 miles to TC, you get - slower than 55 in a 55 zone.

I can live with it. It adds at most 1 minute to our commute, and the Prius loves 45-55 mph; I can see 70 mpg on the straight and level (and obviously this just proves the efficiency of the Atkinson engine and hybrid synergy drive system because over 40 mph, the car can't run on electric only).

sh said...

The top legal speed on American highways could rise from 75 to 80 miles per hour after an meeting of the Texas Transportation Commission on May 25. The commission is expected to discuss an increase in the speed limit on portions of Interstate Highways 10 and 20 through West Texas. Currently, the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming have 75 MPH speed limits.

Last June, Governor Rick Perry had signed into law legislation unanimously passed that authorized an 80 MPH limit on the two Texas interstates. The Texas Department of Transportation thus far has declined to raise the limit, saying it needed more time to study the issue. The agency has since verified that the 85th percentile speed of traffic on I-10 and I-20 is 79 MPH.

Y'all in them east-coast blue states can stand down now. We'll do the high-speed runnin' roun' cheer.

Anonymous said...

Texas 2 lane highway US90 has a posted limit of 75mph from Del Rio to Fort Stockton. Several other 2 lane highways have 75 or are about to get upgraded to 75mph. What is most amazing is that most small 2 lane roads with no shoulder have 70mph posted. These roads are mostly south or west of San Antonio. In West Texas, people tend to use common sense. You might have an accident and nobody will find you for hours. Many areas do not have cell phone coverage and you resposible for yourself. Most people who live and travel on these roads drive fast and legally carry handguns in there car (CHL). But dont worry, We are the least likely to hurt you and the most likely to stop and help if you have a problem. Every year we have the Big Bend car race where we take a 100 mile strech of curvy road and let almost anybody race. West Texas - Americas best place to live!

Drivin' in my car said...

When it comes to cars, you know I can check to see the consensus!

Anonymous said...

What happened to common sense?
Speeding idiots with guns?
Please bring back the national 55mph limit and ban handguns! Do it now before that Texas idiot has a blow out and an accidental discharge! Arrive Alive - Drive 55
And disarm those stupid Texans

Anonymous said...

I agree. They (Texans) steal are money with high fuel prices and waste our nations oil supply by driving 80. Our streets in New York are dangerous becuase of Texas lax gun laws. We CAN FIGHT BACK! Urge your state representatives to pass legislation to not recognize drivers licenses from states with lax speeding or dangerous gun laws! Remeber to support Hillary clinton for president. She will help stop the madness of those pesty ignorant southern states!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever driven on a highway in NY ???

A consistant 75 to 80 mph is the normal cruising speed on NY freewways . Even though your state still has a unrealisticly low posted 55 & 65 max limit posted throughout the state .

Maybe the states in the north east will take a leason from Texas & the rest of the west and raise their max posted limit to freeways design speed of 75 to 80 mph . Anything posted below that is a waste of time and doesn't slow down anyone .

Your low limts have lead to the worst drivers in US history being on the roads of the 65 max posted states in the north east .

sh said...

Our streets in New York are dangerous becuase of Texas lax gun laws.

Love it. Y'all git Hillary to run on that one, please, oh please, oh please.

Anonymous said...

Attention Southern Rednecks! Times are soon changing! When our president H. Clinton gets elected in 2 years, we will rip down your 80Mph speed signs and remove your guns from your cars and hip pockets. You will drive 55/65 like the rest of the country. We will accomplish this with our troops we bring home from Iraq (all of them). They are desert trained and ready to civilize you.

Anonymous said...

What do you drive and what mpgs does your vehicle achieve ??

If you are so worried about our troops dieing in the middle east over oil you should park your SUV and purchase a 50 mpg car like I drive . And have been driving for over 25 years .

I've been driving VW diesels that get 50 + mpgs US @ highway speeds of 65 to 80 mph since the late 70s . My choice of what I drive has saved hundred of thousands of gallons of oil .

So if you care about the oil you consume start by looking at what you drive . Speed isn't as much of a major factor in how much oil you use as what you drive is .