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Monday, June 20, 2005

Fire In Detroit

Breaking news (as of ~11:00pm) a massive fire has broken out in a warehouse that is in the same area in Detroit as the original Ford Model-T assembly plant. Most of the old plant is now used for storage, and the entire property has been allowed to decay. Other than a historical marker sign, you wouldn't know that this was a site of great significance for Detroit.

I hope the historically valuable buildings survive, although they will be swallowed by decay later if not by fire now, if they continue to be neglected.

Update: The fire has gutted a brick building with arched windows, which according to the reporter on the scene, is 100 years old. The building's walls are collapsing...

Detroit Free Press

Update: Judging by the video on TV, and comparing with some photos on the web, I think the building that has been burning and has now collapsed was the Studebaker plant on Piquette Avenue and John R. Not the Model T plant, but still a shame.

The Piquette Street Studebaker Plant

Update: The entire block has been destroyed, however, the Detroit Fire Department managed to prevent the fire spreading to the adjacent buildings, including the Model T plant.

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