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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rooting For the Little Guy

Uzi Nissan is the owner of Nissan Computer, and the original owner of the web sites and, which he registered in 1994. Nissan the car company sued Uzi in 1996 for cybersquatting, requesting $10,000,000 damages.

However, as Uzi's web site points out,
This is after more than 20 years of Mr. Nissan's well-documented use of his family name for business purposes in the US,and which he commenced when the cars were known as DATSUN.

Nissan Motor won injunction against Uzi, and he was forced to close his web sites, converting them to non-commercial use. Then Uzi appealed, and Nissan Motor's injunction against Uzi for using the web address was reversed. Nissan Motor is appealing to the supreme court.

Nissan Motor Co. should know better than to try to screw an Israeli named Uzi.


Anonymous said...

Free speech ends where money is involved. Your name is only your name unless you're making money. Then it isn't your name any more.

Bob Nicholson said...

That's a real shame...

The website was recently asked by the National Association of Realtors to change their name (did you know that REALTOR is a trademark?)

Ratingz Inc replied that their use of the term "realtor" is nominative, in that it specifies WHAT is being rated, and is therefore protected under fair use. So far no reply from NAR.

On another note, you may be interested in checking out two other sites operated by Ratingz:, and a new site,!