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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The "Hat Tip" [Blogging]

It has become customary among bloggers to give credit to other bloggers if they were the source of a news item or blog idea, using the "hat tip", or HT. This is good form, because it acknowledges the work of others, and also forms a web between like minded bloggers.

Sometimes, so many bloggers are looking at the same information, there is no reason to HT or link to another blogger. The articles just happened to be posted in parallel.

I would like to see more people use the Hat Tip technique, if they don't have trackback cookies ( doesn't).


Big Ford Fan said...

I agree with your sentiment and have noticed that most bloggers do follow this practice. I know that if I borrow an idea or am inspired by another persons blog I always try and either link to the post or give credit in my posts.

I know that sometimes it can be dificult, with so many people posting about the same idea, but I always try to quote or link to where I found it first. Very often that is your blog.

Keep up the great work,

carpundit said...

I am frustrated by the lack of trackbacks on certain sites.

As for the HT, I always use it (or a similar mention) with a trackback if a I can. My guide for when to use it is whenever my post owes its genesis to the other blogger. That is, even if many other people are writing about the same topic, if I learned of the topic from a Blogger X, I'll HT Blogger X. Even if it's a general news item.

Better to give too much credit than to appear ungrateful. It's also a way of saying thanks. And of spreading traffic around.

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