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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Subaru Tribeca: Ugly?

I am on the fence. I can't make up my mind if the Subaru Tribeca is ugly, or merely uninteresting. When I look at pictures on the web, I think 'UGLY!". I saw one in person the other day, and it was merely bland.

It looks a little like a BMW X5 and some kind of Alpha Romeo had a child.

Detroit News

Detroit News

What do you think?


Big Ford Fan said...

It's ugly, but no worse that the Nissan Murano or anything from Renault.

Bland is GM, this is ugly with a capitla U.

Of course this comes from a man who loved his Pinto, so consider the source

Ben Kraal said...

It's no more or less ugly than a Lexus RX330. Ignoring the nose, it's almost innofensively bland and from side on it's forgettable.

Steve said...

The rear is sort of Infiniti-like. OK, but quirky.

The front is . . . ugly. No other word captures the emotion. The "Alfa" look is unmistakable, which isn't an image you'd think they would want.

The good news is that from inside it's a terrific vehicle.

However, it's fully-optioned price is way up there with the "luxo" brands. It will be interesting to see if buyers who can afford to buy a high-end SUV will choose Subaru.

Personally, I think they've screwed up. Nissan/Infiniti are out there with high-priced quirky-styled SUVs for those who want them.

Anonymous said...

terrible front end. the rear isnt half bad...

Anonymous said...

terrible front end. the rear isnt half bad...