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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tragedy in NJ

On Friday, the bodies of three little boys were found in the trunk of a Toyota Camry. They had been missing from their Camden, New Jersey neighborhood since Wendesday. The car was parked next door to the yard where the boys were last seen. The boys crawled into the trunk, for some reason, the lid closed, and they could not get out. The police say they died of suffocation.

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Newer cars have the glow-in-the dark pull-handles which can be used to release the trunk from inside. I was never sure if they were worth the cost, but now I like them. A few kids a year will be saved by the simple device, as well as a few victims of forcible imprisonment.

The police say that they searched the car, but it seems they did not check the trunk A simple, possibly fatal mistake.

2 comments: said...

As a parent, I hope everyone spreads this story, so as to possibly prevent this from happening again.
The only possible good that can come from this horrible tragedy.


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