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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Crown Vic Killer?

Chrysler is going after the police interceptor market with police versions of the Dodge Charger and Magnum.

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Ford, the current king of this market, had better have a plan--no car maker can afford to lose share in a category they do well in now.

If you read the article, you will notice that Chrysler did not win any awards for fuel economy--this may be a good place for a counterpunch. Too bad Ford does not have cylinder de-activation (push-rods are "low tech", you see, most of Ford's engines are OHC).

The main factor that will save Ford, I think, is cost. Ford can probably sell the CVPI for much less than Chrysler $28,805 MSRP for the Hemi equipped Charger.


Shawn said...

I'm totally shocked that the Charger has more rear leg room than the Crow Vic.

Charger is a much better car to drive, but power & speed isn't the end-all for police vehicles.

Most states have some restrictions on police chases now. Cops will rarely chase you 100mph for minior violations. The Charger will also be much more expensive to drive & repair. With the budget now and days...I don't know.

Charger is obviously a much better car, but can it survive the heavy duty fleet use?

Anonymous said...

A.P. -
You've got http://http: in your link which ends up at the site.
By all means, feel free to delete this comment.

TomInWestBend said...

Shawn, thats true they will terminate the chase at higher speeds, however getting to a scene is a different story, with a higher speed they can get to a scene of an accedent a few secs or mins early than they could before and save a life or bring order.