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Monday, October 10, 2005

Unicef: Smurf Killers [Politics]

UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, has produced a cartoon ad in Belgium dipicting Smurfs being blown to bits by a bombing raid. The point is to shock people into donating money to UNICEF:
It is intended as the keystone of a fund-raising drive by Unicef's Belgian arm, to raise £70,000 for the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Burundi.
Now, I am all for blowing up Smurfs, and stuff, but let me ask one question:

If the UN is so concerned about children being killed, why aren't they doing anything about Darfur?

Eff the UN. Or, should I say, "Smurf the Smurfing United Nations".


Dublin Saab said...

The problem with the ad campaign is that there are no Smurf children. Smurfs are 100% male and do not procreate in any way. Smurfette, the one and only "female" Smurf was created by Garamel and sent into the Smurf village to wreck havoc, however Papa Smurf used a magic potion on the male Smurfs to ensure that they wouldn't be tempted by her lustful ways. So not only dose the UN not care about kids but they don't even care to get their fiction right.

The Auto Prophet said...

I am truly disturbed by your detailed knowledge of Smurf lore.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like the people who wrote this cartoon don't understand war. well niether do i. but what i do know about war is that it is hell. it is hell in every tense of the meaning. so that means little kids are going to die during the course of it and innocent civilians. but the problem is people think thats not right. and people are right in thinking that. but it is war. bad things happen during them. so don't protest that little kids should not be killed, protest the war itself, because wrong actions can't be separated from it.

Shawn said...

The official position of the UN is the bombing of the Smurf village should not be characterized as terrorism. Gargamel is only reacting to years of taunting by the infidels.

Also, according to Aljazeera, there's evidence that the bombing is a conspiracy to justify retailatory attacks against Gargamel's castle.

The Auto Prophet said...


Big Ford Fan said...

Does anyone have a link to see this online?

I didn't know all smurfs were male and Smurfete was created to upset the apple cart.

Women, can't live with them, can't live with them.

Anonymous said...

UN doesn't do anything because they are busy spending their oil-for-food money. A disgusting group that needs major reforms.
Glad to see this on your site. I also have a political section, although I keep it in a separate RSS feed.