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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Enough Cup Holders

I've had enough of cup holders. More precisely, I am sick of hearing about them in car reviews. Every review published by one of the Lienerts, and every review published by Consumer Reports discusses the number, location, sturdiness, and size of a vehicle's cupholders. And sometimes, they even bring in gynecological metaphors.

Cars were meant to be driven. They are not restaurants with wheels. A car needs precisely two cup holders--one for the driver, and one for the passenger. Rear seat passengers don't usually need cupholders, because there usually aren't any. If there are kids back there, chances are they will spill their drinks all over your nice clean car, so they don't deserve cupholders. Most people drive alone most of the time--which means that one cup holder is usually enough.

Any automaker that designs more than one cupholder per seating position is wasting interior space that could have been used to hold more beer cases (Car and Driver) , pullmans (Consumer Reports), or whatever unit of interior volume you prefer.

Cupholders don't need to be large enough to swallow a 72oz Mega Slurp. Think of it as automotive calorie control. Cupholders should be large enough to hold a large foam cup of coffee or a regular 12oz soda can. Most cupholders are used as loose change collectors, anyway, and some of them even do duty as ashtrays.

Cupholders that fold away, like delicate plastic origami (Volvo, Saab, Subaru...) are cool because they can get out of the way when you don't need them. So what if they are "flimsy"--don't try to put a 72oz Mega Slurp in them, and they will be fine.

Let's hear more about performance, sound, ride quality, material quality, and build quality. Enough about cupholders.


Ray said...

Auto writers used to focus on ash trays. If they were too small, too far away or not lighted; the entire car got a bad review. Now that smoking is out, critics have shifted over to Transformer type cup holders as the benchmark for automotive design.

JD said...

The flimsy fold-out-type are useless, and shouldn't even be included. They are almost also on the dash directly over the radio and climate control. One pothole and you've got a complete mess. If they are to be included, put them in the center console. Otherwise just forget them.

Jim Howard said...

The mandatory two front seat cupholder must be large and strong enough to hold a 44oz Big Gulp.

If they are not, the car should be crushed.

Anonymous said...

The only thing lots of people in the northwest like more then driving is driving with their Starbucks... You're suggesting no room for all passengers to set their coffees down while they all dial their cell phones - you're the antichrist! :P

Geotpf said...

I agree with jim howard. There needs to be two cupholders in the front, and they must be able to hold a 44 ounce soda. Idealy, there should be one per seating position, but the front two are requirements. Now, having more than one per seating position is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever thought of a cup holder that could go deeper so that the tall drinks wouldn't fall out. It would be able to go up and down depending on the weight of the drink so that the small soda can and the large 44 oz. Big Gulp could be used in the same cup holder.