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Sunday, October 30, 2005

What War Really Looks Like [Politics]

This photo shows what Dresden looked like after the U.S. and Great Britain bombed it in February of 1945.

It is shocking to look at. But it had to be done, in the eyes of the leaders back then, to defeat Germany.

In the 1940's we (the US) were willing to destroy cities to ensure victory. Today, we worry about offending Iraqi "detainees" (non-affiliated guerilla combatants = terrorist thugs*). God forbid we should rough them up a little. Or make them pose for embarrassing pictures.

Are we in this war to win, or have we become soft?

*According to the international conventions that the U.S. has accepted on the treatment of POWs, guys who don't wear a uniform, and run around blowing up civilians do not have any rights to be treated like POWs. They should be grateful they weren't shot on sight.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!


Geotpf said...

How is the US killing civilians from the air in Dresden (it wasn't a military target) any better than terrorists doing it from the ground?

The answer-It's not, which is why we don't do that any more. Well, we do kill civilians, but at least in theory, we only attack military targets now. In World War II we intentially killed civilians to destroy morale, which is similiar to the thinking behind the insurgents in Iraq (or Al Queda on 9/11, for that matter).

The Auto Prophet said...

Actually, Dresden was a military target.


kkollwitz said...

I believe that photo shows the ruin of the Frauenkirche, which has only just lately been restored.