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Friday, October 28, 2005

Truck Nuts

Apparently, driving a pickup truck is not manly enough for some guys; they need to advertise exactly how manly they are.

Today I saw a silver GMC sporting a pair of "truck nuts". A large pair of plastic red testicles, they swung back and forth as the truck drove.

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This takes the cake. Previously, I thought the poor taste prize was taken by those ubiquitous "Pee on (other brand here)" stickers. Nothing says "I am civilized and intelligent" like a pair of truck nuts.

Anyone working on a truck johnson? Anyone? I ought to reserve that web address..


Big Ford Fan said...

You know I drive a truck, a Ranger, but have always held the opinion that guys that drive full size trucks (and don't need to for work or trailer duty) are over compensating for a lacking in their lives. This is just more proof. Displaying plastic testicles is funny but in reality isn't it just a scream for help ??

I think it would be funny for a Lesbian to hang them off her truck.

Anonymous said...
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