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Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Eye Pollution: Honda Element "Woody"

Remember the Silly Car Contest? I saw a strong contender the other day: a Honda Element with an aftermarket "Woody" kit. It looked very much like this:

Image courtesy of

Notice how the "wood" panels on the doors don't even follow the line of the door panels. Ugh.

You can buy all kinds of woody kits at, even for a Mini.

Your only limits are the limits of your poor taste.


Steve said...

Uh -- this is a joke, right?

I mean, someone Photoshopped this?

Please tell me these pictures aren't of a real vehicle. Please!!!!

Anonymous said...

They're real. Check out the web site.

I think an Element Woody would look pretty cool, if it was done right. Wood from the driver door back, like a real woody wagon, and covering the ugly plastic panels.

John B said...

The real question is - when can you get a vinyl top for the Mini - that would be real cool (if you're on bad drugs).

Anonymous said...

Don't be the same kind of small minded guys that, in the '60s, complained that someone "ruined a model T" by chopping & dropping it. I hope that you get a little more daring so we can regain our lead in car design--notice many american cars in "Fast & Furious"?. Wake up. By the way--I still buy American exclusively.