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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blog Ethics: Employers and Employees [Culture]

Aish HaTorah's "The Jewish Ethicist" has a fascinating article on the ethicss of blogging, specifically, if an employer can fire an employee for what the employee blogged about the company. The conclusion:

So your first step should be to examine if taking action against this employee is really in your best interest. If the person is a good worker and not doing any material damage to your firm, the best thing is probably to just leave him alone and take advantage of any lessons you can learn from his log.

If you conclude that the worker's words create an unfair image of your firm, then by all means take action. Explain your expectations to the worker, and listen carefully to any counterclaims he may make. If you have given fair warning and the activity continues then you should consider disciplinary action.

The article is here.

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