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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thank You, Vietnam Veterans [Politics]

If anyone reading this blog is a Vietnam Veteran, let me take a moment to say:

Thank you for our service to our country, and may God bless you.

The men who fought against the North Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian military were no less professional, humanitarian, or courageous than the men who fought against the Wehrmacht, or the men who fought against the Iraqi Republican Guard. They were not "baby killers" or "imperialists". The true baby killers were the North Vietnamese, who would slaughter their own people rather than let them be helped by the U.S. The true imperialists were the Chinese, who wanted to spread communism throughout Asia.

There was no strange moral change in the '60's which created an army of monsters, these were young men from the same decent society that produced the armies of the "greatest generation". The anti-war movement of the 60's was sympathetic to communism, and wanted the U.S. to lose, much like todays fringe anti-war activists want the U.S. to lose in the middle-east. The radicals of the '60s have managed to control the language of history for too long.

Jane Fonda deserved what she recently got.

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