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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

They Are Listening

Here is a good reason to blog: the automakers are monitoring the enthusiast forums and blogs, looking for feedback, buzz, and mis-information that needs to be countered.

If enough of us complain about the same things, or request the same things, we may influence what the automakers do. (I suggest postings requesting more manual transmission V6 vehicles.)

So go ahead and post the rant! Maybe it will make an impression.


Racedriven said...

I personally don't drive nor like manual transmissions, I do think that a manual/automatic transmission combined should be offered. It gives both of use the ability to drive that vehicle. How ever, manual should be available for those who like them and there are lots of people who drive them.

Sense we are on auto subject, Automakers need to make more AWD/4WD vehicles and hybrids.

The Angry Engineer said...

This is nothing new - ask all those Mistu EVO owners who posted their autoX or drag-racing exploits on enthusiast forums, and found that Mistubishi was "mining" that information for the purpose of denying future warranty claims.

The Auto Prophet said...

"Don't like manuals"? "More hybrids"?

I'm going to have to ask you for your auto enthusiast badge back. Real enthusiasts like fast cars with manual transmissions and large engines.


Racedriven said...

I need to make a correction: I personally don't drive a manual transmission in my daily driver, However, I have nothing against manual transmissions including one in a high performance Corvette or Viper.

Sense we are on auto subject, Automakers should make more AWD/4WD vehicles and hybrids. Automakers are already making fast cars with V6, V8, and bigger engines with manual transmissions, look in the Corvette, Viper, Ford Mustang, Dodge Magnum, and more, but I see your point.

Here is something to think about, take 80% of commuters and put them in hybrids or cleaner burning fuel vehicles, What would happen? That's my point.

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