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Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Little "Shop Talk" [Blogging]

A little shop talk about reading and writing blogs.

I found this awesome, free piece of software called Plucker which will grab web pages, compress them, and stuff them into your PalmOS or Windows Mobile (WinCE) PDA. You can load up all of your favorite blogs, news sites, Paris Hilton photos*, etc., and bring them with you for later reading. Like when you are sitting in a project planning meeting which is droning on, and you aren't on the agenda for another 30 minutes.

Also, if you are a blogger, there is a great free web counter at This counter will keep track of page hits, returning visitors, most popular pages, and it is completely free and ad-less unless you get more than 9,000 hits a day. Most of us small-time bloggers only get a few hundred hits a day.

* just kidding! I would never waste PDA memory on Paris Hilton.

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