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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Land Rover Poseur

Today, driving home in the evening, I saw one of these, a Land Rover with a snorkel:

(just an example)

Was it covered in mud? Did it have river weeds sticking out of every crack? No. It was parked in front of an upscale clothing store in an upscale neighborhood, the paint gleaming, the tires glossy. At least a Ferrari you can drive fast, maybe cruise Woodward. But snorkels and brushguards on a suburban mall hauler? Was the soccer field flooded today, mom?

The thing must sound like a horny moose when you step on the throttle.

Sure, people have a right to do whatever they want to their cars. Vestigial spoilers? Bad tint jobs? Spotlights? Spinners? Neon? Whatever. I think they look stupid.

Just stop laughing at the ground effects on my Volvo, man. The car is pure speed, all 170HP of it.


Anonymous said...

How 'bout those Wranglers that are jacked up with giant wheels, spotlights and 6 point belts driving around in the city with its shinny new paint that's never seen a drop of mud?

The Auto Prophet said...

Pavement Queens!

Although, I have actually known a few Jeep fans who have "ruggedized" their Wranglers, who actually do go offroad in them, as well as using them for daily driving.

But I would have no problem betting that someone who buys a Land Rover (read: very expensive) SUV in the 'burbs will NOT be taking it anywhere where it can be damaged.

Big Ford Fan said...

Oh man, you're mean :) I have a big stainless steel brush guard on my truck and so I don't throw stones , you know "glass houses", but you are right, the chance that the Land Rover will see dirt is nil. I at least take my truck off road sometimes. But let's face it,it's Auto Bling plain and simple :)

John B said...

Years ago when I worked as a geologist in various remote parts of Canada, we used pick-up trucks and Suburbans. One common bit of damage not usually mentioned were bush scratches on the paint. Forget mud on the carpet, the company had to repaint more than a few rental vehicles. I would love to take that Land Rover on a job in Northern Ontario :-)