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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Parking Revenge, The Legal Way

Carpundit posts some musings on Parking Vigilantes--people who strike out against people who mis-park, by keying the offender's car. Using rotten fruit is not recommended, either, as the chemistry may be wrong, and you may commit a property crime by damaging a cars paint.

How about an easy to remove ('low-tac') bumper sticker?


carpundit said...

Great idea.
Thanks for the link.
Potential for violence if the car owner sees you and thinks it's a permanent sticker. But very funny.

The Auto Prophet said...

You have to be fast and silent, like a Ninja.

The Angry Engineer said...

It's a little-known fact that ninjas are deadly effective with stickers.

I personally think that vigilante justice is best-saved for those who commit only the most severe parking-lot offenses - doordings. I'd fully support legislation that allows the death sentence, or at least a good Irish-style kneecapping, for those that recklessly endanger the door skins of those around them.

Anonymous said...

Now, wait, this begs to define parking like an idiot. I routinely park using two spaces at the far end of parking lots to prevent @$$holes from dinging/etc my paint. Does this fall under the parking like an idiot or parking to avoid idiots?

Anonymous said...

When there are plenty of parking, yes, you may park at the far end and take up 2 spaces. When there isn't enough parking and you take up 2 spaces, then you are an idiot. That's just beggin' to be deflated or keyed.

Anonymous said...

You can´t take two spaces in a parking lot, no matter what. Don´t be a stupid because of a stupid.