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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New Mach 1?

Today while driving in to work, I saw a bright red M-plate (manufacturers plate) 2005 Mustang GT, with a functional "shaker" type hood scoop, mounted to the engine and protruding through the hood. I wish I had a camera handy, but I didn't. It was not a hack job, but an apparently finished part, so I am guessing it is well along in development. No other major changes were apparent.

So it looks like there is a Mach 1 version of the new Mustang coming soon.


NextGenAuto said...

This makes perfect sense. Perhaps there will be more power available. The Mach 1 was a step between the GT and the Cobra for a long time, it did not make as much sense as it does now. With the retro-stang, it just makes sense.

The Angry Engineer said...

The Mach 1 makes even more sense when one looks at the HP gap between the current GT model and the upcoming GT500. Sure would be nice if Ford had a modern pushrod motor making perhaps 400 HP to stick between the fenders of the Mach 1.

Joes66Pony said...

Why is Ford and HTT wasting time on another drag racing oriented Mustang. After being promised that IRS will see life in the next-gen SVT Cobra, and that the S197 chassis was designed for IRS, why not give us something for us handling guys.