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Friday, May 20, 2005

Heh. [Politics]

Publishing a picture of Saddam in his underpants was not a great thing to do. However, on the whole, my reaction is similar to these Iraqis' reactions:

(They don't look too angry to me)

Sure, taking Saddam's picture violated the Geneva convention,etc. And Saddam's lawyer is planning to sue. I wonder, will they let the relatives of the thousands of people found in mass graves in Iraq sue Saddam for economic damages?


Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously, take your Christian fundementalist right-wing views and put them on another blog, and leave this one to take care of autodom. Maybe you could call the new blog, "I'd suck George Bush's Dick if I wasn't a Close-minded Homophobe."

The Auto Prophet said...

Dude, I'm not a Christian, or a "fundamentalist". I am right wing, though.

Notice the "[politics]" on the post title? I'm doing that from now on for intolerant leftie windbags like yourself.

Since my politics are so offensive to you, you can simply skip any post that has a label.

BTW, how did you decide I was a homophobe? I can't remember ever posting anything about homosexuals anywher on my blog. Are you on drugs?

Anonymous said...

wow, there are a lot of uptight people around now and days huh?

I think the photos are funny as heck. People are getting upset about it like they published naked photos of the pope or something. LOL

Anonymous said...

Why are more people getting upset about seeing a tired old man in his underwear when a lot of those same people were very tolerant of Saddam's defiance of the UN over the past 12 years.

While I don't think the photo's should have been published, I can't help but wonder why this man is getting any slack. He murdered thousands of people and bullied nations around the globe.

He can lob scud missles at Israel and we are told to tolerate him, yet when we see him in his underwear the western media is the villian.

Something is terribly wrong in this world. This is not a Christian/non-Christian or political issue. It is a right or wrong issue. No matter what pictures are posted... it doesn't change the fact that Saddam is a horrible person who exploited his own people and killed tens of thousands of people who were the wrong race.

Anonymous said...

These comments are surprisingly assinine, even for this site. The fact that Saddam gassed thousands and killed millions has no bearing - no bearing - on whether it's OK for the US to violate the Geneva Conventions. Criticizing the US government or western (British) media for publishing these photos in no way at all implies moral equivalency between them and Saddam's actions as dictator of Iraq.

This is logic 101. The logic required here is so basic that I'd be surprised if I found a high schooler making these arguments. An engineer, possessing formal education, spouting such tripe is really shocking.

We in the west hold ourselves to higher standards. This is a good thing. To maintain these standards requires acknowledging our failures to live up to those standards. Violating the Geneva Conventions is one of those failures. One can acknowledge that Saddam was a brutal, bloodthirsty tyrant who shredded his political victims in plastics shredders, gassed thousands of Kurds, practiced extrajudician mass executions, invaded his neighbors - and also get pissed that the US keeps violating treaties it's signed.

You need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, calm down. Geez. Take a prozac or something.

There is an active investigation on who took the pics. It may just be some individivual who sold it for $$$. When that person is found, he/she will face the law.

What more do you want? Should we let him go?

The Auto Prophet said...

You are certainly right, just because your enemy is a mass-murdere does not mean that you are exempt from treaty obligations, and from common human decency.

What I was amused by, and making fun of, was that Saddams lawyer was threatening to sue becuase his client had been abused. I was not advocating that we abrogate the Geneva convention, or that whoever took the pictures not be punished according to military code of conduct.

I was, however, pointing out the silliness of the media (and left's) attention to this. Much like Abu Ghraib, the reaction to our transgression out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

The reaction is out of proportion - perfectly said.

The Angry Engineer said...

What's lost in all of this is the fact that my right not to be exposed to an old man in underpants has been trampled on. I demand justice! And a cheeseburger with fries, too.

Not in Rippon Wis. said...

Saddam is always under surveillance by video. Someone stop framed the video for some stills and sold them to a British Tabloid. The video was government property and the perp should be tried for misappropriation of such property. Someone must of been bored enough by watching this old bastard every day and came up with this stupid idea to make some cash.