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Monday, May 16, 2005

GM Kills V10

According to a post in GMInsidenews (HT: Angry Engineer), GM is stopping work on a pushrod V10 engine that was supposed to be an even higher performance motor than the large V8's they sell.

GMInsidenews has learned that the highly anticipated LS derived V10 slated for production in several upcoming GM vehicles has been terminated. According to GM insiders, the V10 was scrapped due to fears of fuel consumption and the redundancy of its power output compared to the Supercharged 6.0L LS2. Apparently after being tuned, a Supercharged LS2 is capable of up to 608HP. However it is more likely that GM will send out its Supercharged LS2 with a 500HP/500lb.ft torque rating. While the V10 would not have required premium fuel (as does the LS2 SC), it's ratings would be lower than that of the LS2 SC, while retaining the same power numbers.
This probably has a lot in common with Ford's recent decision to kill their 6L V8 project. Why spend money on engineering and tooling for larger displacement engines, when tougher CAFE and emissions standards are coming? Much better to refine the engines that you have, and spend your cash on quality, safety, and comfort.

500HP is not too shabby, even if it is pushing a full sized "sport truck". Anyone who drives such a thing can afford the premium gas. GM will not fall behind the pack with this decision.

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