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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Flushing Out The Cell Phones

What is going on with people's manners?

Today at work, a guy got a call on his cell while he was sitting on a toilet in the men's room. I guess he couldn't stand the crescendoing strains of his grandfather clock ring tone, because he answered his call, and started talking. His conversation loudly echoed off the tiled walls.

I flushed.

I have a policy, whenever someone makes or takes a call in the restroom, I flush. Maybe twice. Perhaps, after an embarrassing episode, the guy will think about what he is doing more carefully. (I'm not the first one to think of this, of course, a blogger named Tiffany Brown posted long ago on this topic.)

Do people really need to answer the cell phone, and interrupt other people, the second the damn thing rings? Are there really that many things that can't wait a few minutes for a call back? I'm starting to think that Michael Medved is right, that most of us would be better off without a cell phone.


Anonymous said...

Allow me to give you a little lesson on etiquette, blog etiquette to be precise. When a gentleman, as you no doubt are, names his blog "The Auto Prophet" it is customary in blogdom to discuss the automotive industry, and ONLY the automotive industry. Take a look at fine blogs such as "Autoblog" or "English Cut" for examples of blogs that actually stick to the topic of their titles. You're in an interesting position to give insightful information considering you're "an engineer working on product development for an American automotive company." You probably helped develop the Pontiac Aztec. Oh wait, you work for Ford, so you must've had a hand in one of their many flops. No wonder the domestics are lacking stylish, quality products. Their engineers are more worried about their social security benefits and those wholly un-American blasphemers such as Michael Moore. Personally I appreciate any attempt to make fools out of right-wing fundamentalists such as yourself! Good day, sir.

The Auto Prophet said...

Thank you for your comment.

I reserve the right to post on whatever topics I feel like. This is a blog, not a subscription magazine. I will post mostly on the auto industry, but occasionally, if something strikes my fancy, I will post on other topics. I have modified my byline, as you can see.

I may or may not work for Ford, GM, or Chrysler. I may even work for one of their suppliers. I would prefer not to say.